New Year, Better Me.

“New year, new me!”… not quite.

I won’t become a different person this year. I will still be me, but I will become a better me. The turn of the new year is an opportunity to change your lifestyle and commit to making healthier decisions for yourself. I have made a list of my new year’s resolutions that you should consider adopting as your own resolutions.

1) Commit to a daily skincare regimen.

As a girl in my early 20’s, I know how important it is to care for my skin NOW in order for it to look my best as I age. I’m ready to put the acne wash aside and start using something more gentle that doesn’t treat my skin like the enemy. I have been doing my research on different products and can’t wait to start testing them to discover my favorites! *Be on the lookout for a post soon about the skincare regimen I like best*

2) Drink more water.

What we put ON our skin is one thing, but what we put IN our bodies is another. Staying hydrated is one of the keys to having healthy, glowing skin. Drinking water does more than care for just our skin though, it helps just about everything. Drinking enough water can prevent headaches, help with digestion, weight loss, improve mental and physical performance, along with many other perks. Breaking Muscle says to drink half of your body weight in ounces. So If I weigh 110 pounds, I should be drinking 55 ounces of water daily. I am now committed to drinking the recommended amount of water for my body each day starting now! *Sips water*

3) Use my phone less.

I am pretty good about the amount of time I spend on my phone but I still want to focus on spending even less time on it this year. I always put my phone away during meals and that’s one thing I will continue to do. More importantly, I want to take everything in. Life isn’t about experiencing things for other people to see, even if you’re a blogger. It’s important to remember that your life is for you. So put the phone down and be present.

4) Get away more. 

Pack a bag and take a weekend trip somewhere with someone you love. It’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. Don’t be afraid to get away. There are so many inexpensive ways to travel nowadays, too. So take advantage of companies like Airbnb and get out of town!


I am really excited about my four resolutions for 2017 because they are attainable. Make sure your new year’s resolutions are realistic so you can make them happen and become a better version of yourself this year!

Leave a comment and let me know what your resolutions are this year!

Happy 2017! 



Teami aka my secret weapon to being FIT and HEALTHY

I have posted about Teami Blends before, but now the benefits of drinking it consistently are SO REAL I have to share details.

I have been drinking Teami blends for 3 months but in the past month, I have been drinking the Skinny Tea every single morning and the Relax Tea on most nights before bed. I want to scream from the rooftops how much drinking Teami every day has helped me in so many different ways but you won’t hear me so here’s a list:

  1. My bloat is GONE. I bloat, you bloat, *most* everyone bloats. I have always had a hard time getting rid of the bloating in my lower stomach and I noticed a significant difference in the loss of my bloat after just one week of consistently drinking Teami. No joke people.
  2. My skin is clearer. Every blend from Teami is all-natural and healthy in so many ways. One thing I have noticed is how much clearer my skin has become. Acne is one thing I have struggled with over the years and it’s awesome that something as simple as tea is a huge part of the solution.
  3. I am energized. I am not morning person and I am usually extraordinarily lazy until at least after lunch… oops. But not anymore! I wake up in the mornings and I drink my Skinny Tea first thing. The Skinny Tea gives me energy to last throughout the entire day, thus helping my days be much more productive.
  4. Overall, I feel healthier. Not only am I physically healthier, I FEEL healthier and that is so satisfying. I love that I know I am putting something good in my body and the results only prove that.


If you are ready to change your lifestyle and become a better you, Teami may be something for you to try to help you get there. Use my code OC10 for money off your order 🙂 You won’t regret it!



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How to care for your skin while traveling

I have lots of skincare tips, but today I would like to share my skincare tips specifically for when you are traveling by airplane.

I recently was traveling from the United States to Europe and within Europe, I was traveling by plane to explore different countries. I know how my skin reacts to the extraordinarily low level of humidity in the air inside an airplane, and I wanted to share some tips I have gathered with you!

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a combination, your skin will be affected. Our skin is what holds us all together and it deserves to be taken care of! Don’t let the dry air inside an aircraft take a toll on your skin. If you have dry skin, your skin will get extra dry. If you have oily skin, your skin will get oilier to compensate for the dryness. Who wants that?! Here are a list of some tips to help you be prepared:

  1. Avoid wearing makeup while traveling.
    • I like to wear makeup every day, but if you can avoid wearing liquid foundation and powder foundation your skin will thank you! And besides, you can always hide behind a pair of sunglasses if you really are afraid of anyone seeing you bare-faced.
    • BUT, there is never anything wrong with some lip gloss and mascara.
  2. Before taking a flight, be sure to moisturize your whole body.
    • Whole body includes your face, lips, and hands too!
  3. Bring travel-sized body lotion, moisturizer, chapstick, and hand lotion in your carry on!
    • It is so important to keep hydrating your body during the course of a long flight. Make sure to check the sizes of your liquids before bringing them in your carry-on bag. You can bring as many 3.4 ounce containers of liquids that will fit in a quart-sized bag.
  4. Drink water.
    • Stay hydrated from the inside out!

If you are taking an international flight, these tips will be extra helpful to you. You will walk off your flight with luminous, beautifully hydrated skin.

Safe travels!



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Calling ALL Tea Lovers!!!

If you love tea, you’ll love Teami Blends tea! I have been using Teami Blends for about 6 months now and the results are just amazing.

I drink the Skinny Tea in the mornings to feel refreshed and get the energy I need to last throughout the day. Every other night, I drink the Colon Tea to get rid of toxins that have been in my body for YEARS, yes YEARS. And for those nights where I want to relax and get a good night’s sleep, I drink the Relax tea and it does wonders for me.

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Do it for the fishies

I have always considered beach towels to be an accessory that helps me look my best at the beach. I recently discovered Sand Cloud Towels and am in love. There is no better beach towel on the market!

These beautifully designed towels are perfect for more than just the beach. They are trendy enough to hang on your bedroom wall as a tapestry too! When I don’t bring my Sand Cloud towel to the beach, pool, park, or festivals, it’s hanging on my wall for everyone to see.


As if Sand Cloud couldn’t get any better, they donate a percentage of every purchase made to help save marine life. So do it for the fishies and buy yourself a Sand Cloud towel today!



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